I’m itching

It’s almost November and I’m still getting bit by mosquitoes. Really? I’ve counted seven so far and I was outside for less than 5 minutes.  They itch really bad and the only reason I’m posting right now is to keep my hands from scratching. About a month ago I found something that I guess I had for a while that really brought some relief, all I know is that it was transparent and refreshing and I’m still trying to figure out what it was.  I’d recognize the package if I saw it again, it was labeled but the markings were old and hard to see, I was planning to re-label it and put it back where I found it but I didn’t do it right away.  Gosh, I really wish I had because now the stuff is no where to be found.  So I’m sitting here itching with no relief in sight.

The moral of the story…do what you plan to do, do it right away if you can, don’t be like me, save yourself the itch.

If anyone has any remedies for these bites I’m open to hearing them. First comment that works, I’ll send you a book. Promise!


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