The Finger

My cheeks hurt from what I am about to write, I literally can not keep a straight face.  I was on my way to yet another birthday party and pulling out of my neighborhood.  Apparently when I pulled out I was not going fast enough for the car coming up behind me.  I was not aware of this, as I am largely unaware of most of my driving mishaps luckily, I have my friends and family to point out my lack of driving skills at every opportunity, what would I do with out them?

This blunder I caught on my own though, well ok I only noticed because the guy behind me laid on his horn and decided to ride on my bumper.  As soon as I heard his horn I graciously waved out the window and mouthed, “Sorry”  but that wasn’t enough for this guy he had to show me that I was wrong.  So he sped pass me and flipped me the bird in front of my minor child and slammed on the breaks in front of me.  Real Macho right?  A few seconds later I’m behind him at a red light (yes I know what you’re thinking…he’s speeding and flipping birds and raising his blood pressure for what?  To be two feet in front of me at the same red light!).  So I’m sitting there looking at the back of his car and he has not one but….drum roll please….. two Jesus magnets!! One says Jesus and the other is the image of a cross with the words LOVE written through it.

I fell out laughing, I couldn’t help it.

We were still at the light and I know from experience that it’s a long light. Everything in me wanted to get out of my car, gently remove the magnets from the back of his car, tap on his window and kindly ask him if he would mind putting those magnets in his glove box for the time being.

But I refrained.

I called my friend and told her this same story, she advised me to give the guy a break….perhaps it was his wife’s car!!

Let’s hope so.


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