Is God Enough?

God himself is not enough for us, it’s sad but it’s true.  A few months ago I was stepping out of the shower, why that’s important to mention I don’t know..I guess because God usually speaks to me in the shower.  Anyway he said if you were locked in a dark janitors closet for the rest of your life would I be enough?  (In this dark closet somehow I knew I could still use the bathroom and eat and stuff, so I was alive) but the first thoughts I had were what I needed: light, fresh air, hugs, guacamole, activities, human interaction, cozy socks, etc.  I wanted to say no.  I still want to say no.  I didn’t answer that immediately but God knew what I was thinking.  He said why? Why am I alone not enough?  I was embarrassed.

Of course God’s not planning to lock me in a janitors closet, at least I hope he’s not.  But if for some reason I found myself in that situation or a more realistic one like dealing with a sickness or suffering a loss, would God be enough for me?

How often do we look at this limited view of life: our circle, our friends, and compare ourselves? How often do we let what’s advertised define what we should have, instead of realizing that by simply being alive we are blessed?

I need God to be enough for me, no matter what I’m going through, but it’s not anything that He can do.
He already is, already was and always will be enough.
It’s something that I must continue to understand.
I’m reminded of Moses and the time he asked God how should he introduce Him to the children of Israel.  God said, “I AM WHO I AM” (because it’s in all caps I think God was shouting, 🙂 ) God said, “tell the children of Israel I AM has sent me to you.”  I don’t know what Moses was thinking at that time, but my first thought is I AM? what kind of name is that?  I AM..what?
That’s just it though.  No more needs to be said.
I AM {any and everything that you will ever need}
{Insert:} Healer, Provider, Comforter, Helper, Protector……the list goes on and on
Be encouraged today, God is more than Enough.
Check out Moses’ story in the book of Exodus.  Reference mentioned comes from Exodus 3:14


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3 responses to “Is God Enough?

  1. This is the season I’m in. Learning, understanding and
    Accepting that God alone is enough. Thank you, this spoke to me.

  2. gosseddie

    Amen… that ‘dark closet’ really brings prospective to if He really indeed is enough all by Himself. I will soberly, and humbly take that pill and be encouraged. Thank you Loving31 for sharing this 🙂

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